December 30, 2007

world population

i put a world population widget on my desktop and guess how many of us there are..?
6,672,826,335..6..7... 8... 9...

there is a disclaimer saying that the number is based on estimates only but still....

in the duration its taken me to type this post the number has gone up by 500 !


end 2007




December 8, 2007

mr. spandan banerjee & my day off

i'm shooting 6 days a week, the day off on saturday is really precious and mr. banerjee turned up on an early morning flight from delhi and rang my doorbell at 9 in the morning and luckily it was my day off so we smoked some early in the morning and it was the first time in the last 7 weeks that i actually had a completely relaxed, nicely unwindingly day off and he's looking a bit tired because he wakes up this early only a couple of times in a year.

December 1, 2007

diagonal dreams

reminded me of the phish song...
"when you're there, i sleep lengthwise and when you're gone
i sleep diagonal in my bed...."
A was away for a month casting for a film...

November 16, 2007

self portrait, 16nov07

my second arthroscopy, this time on the right knee.
the mri scan report sounded most poetic...

"...body and posterior horn
of medial meniscus shows
a bucket handle tear.
the torn fragment is
in the intercondylar region.

complete tear
of the anterior cruciate ligament
from its femoral attachment
with retraction of its distal fibers...."

October 28, 2007


funky as ever and getting old like all the rest of us, Q was in town filming for his new project, "love in india"

take a trip here

October 21, 2007

life is a beach

sentient beings on tarkarli beach ... some very alive ...

some very dead.

who is a sentient being? here
many issues come up when discussing the matter of sentience: animal rights, human rights, and artificial intelligence to name a few...this is what wikipedia has to say

October 18, 2007

two trucks and a bike

just back from a long ride.... bombay to benaulim via malvan.

juliet was in fine fettle... i enjoy riding her more and more with each trip. her engine has run itself in to 80kmph nicely. i'm waiting to see if i can hold it to a steady 100 after the next round of tinkering. her temperamental ways still surface every now and then... she'll wheeze and whine if i don't get the kick right, a sudden short in the electrics resulting in 2 blown fuses in the middle of nowhere (it was just the horn which had shorted itself in the monsoons)... but she's much better than before and i don't get fazed either. it's like being in a long term relationship is riding a bullet. you kind of get used to the idiosyncracies and just enjoy the time spent together!

September 26, 2007


the good mr. muttoo was in town and came over for sunday lunch.

September 21, 2007

my 1st paparazzo picture

jeneva talwar caught looking coy outside the moviscorp office.
her first 3 feature films are "coming soon to a theatre near you" ....
ru ba ru, bombay to bangkok and shaurya.

September 18, 2007

mahek @ adlabs

"mahek" prints are finally out. it will do the rounds of the festivals.... here
and here.

every time i see something i shot on a big screen i am re-amazed at the tactility of film. my memory invariably fails to record the details and textures of the people and locations.

September 16, 2007

faux polaroid : window ledge

there's even a word like "fauxmosexual".
it means (according to wiktionary) "a straight man who adopts some homosexual attitudes merely to attract women".

September 6, 2007


the colony kids play a bunch of different sports outside my window. much time is spent watching them in action. they're wonderfully entertaining.

August 25, 2007

it's a chemical existence

i love the square aspect ratio.
i want to make a list of things which have always been only square ... the only thing i could think of was record covers (and now cd covers)

click picture to see larger...

August 21, 2007

juliet and i

juliet and i have done our first ride in the rains...
no longer do we fear stinging rain, blinding mist, skidding on wet roads and bad drivers. though i do cringe a bit at the thought of my underpants and socks getting soggy.

and that's shiva... recently returned from the himalayan odyssey 2007.

my only grouse against the motorcycle fetish (especially the royal enfield one) is that there's WAY too much machismo going around.

saputara info here

July 24, 2007


my grandaunt...
dr. anasuya mashruwala, 91, queen of sudoku
remembered a pithy from her on the subject of diverse medicinal systems and good health.
"ayurvedic diet, allopathic diagnosis, homeopathic cure."
seems to have worked for her.

July 22, 2007

the bride

calcutta wedding

"All weddings are similar, but every marriage is different." -John Berger

"A good marriage is that in which each appoints the other guardian of his solitude." -Rainer Maria Rilke [ via Guruji ;-) ]

July 14, 2007

what's your glamour?

archaic) a magic spell; enchantment
(modern) air of compelling charm(often with sex-appeal), romance and excitement...especially when delusively alluring (i love that word... delusive....yummm)

cast a spell over someone, particularly to change how things appear to them

July 11, 2007

what's your fetish?

fetish : an object believed to have supernatural powers,
in particular a man-made object that has power over others.

fetishism : attributing inherent powers or value to an object

here's one of mine :