October 28, 2007


funky as ever and getting old like all the rest of us, Q was in town filming for his new project, "love in india"

take a trip here

October 21, 2007

life is a beach

sentient beings on tarkarli beach ... some very alive ...

some very dead.

who is a sentient being? here
many issues come up when discussing the matter of sentience: animal rights, human rights, and artificial intelligence to name a few...this is what wikipedia has to say

October 18, 2007

two trucks and a bike

just back from a long ride.... bombay to benaulim via malvan.

juliet was in fine fettle... i enjoy riding her more and more with each trip. her engine has run itself in to 80kmph nicely. i'm waiting to see if i can hold it to a steady 100 after the next round of tinkering. her temperamental ways still surface every now and then... she'll wheeze and whine if i don't get the kick right, a sudden short in the electrics resulting in 2 blown fuses in the middle of nowhere (it was just the horn which had shorted itself in the monsoons)... but she's much better than before and i don't get fazed either. it's like being in a long term relationship is riding a bullet. you kind of get used to the idiosyncracies and just enjoy the time spent together!