October 24, 2010

portaloos exterior & interior

at the tent cities on champ de mars.
these were the cleaned ones....
some were not so cleaned. they weren't nice....

October 11, 2010


statue of jean-jacques dessalines over looking the tent cities which have sprung up post the earthquake

j-j d. was one of the leaders of the only slave rebellion in world history which successfully resulted in establishing an independent nation... which he named haiti. unfortunately, he then went on to massacre the whites on the island, declare himself emperor and enforce a harsh regimen of plantation labour so much so that many blacks felt they were enslaved again. haiti's sad history and its current state of affairs seem to be directly linked to these historical events which took place 200 years ago.

October 4, 2010

national palace, port-au-prince

...as someone said, "a delicately collapsed wedding cake"

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