November 10, 2009

endless journeys

often the sheer variety of all our journeys leaves me dumb/awe-struck.
apparently they can all be reduced to a simple equation. a simple commonality
of experience of our species across culture, race, creed, gender, age etc etc.
so da man says.
i'm still trying to figure that one out.

November 2, 2009

the real reason

not to forget the real reason we were in sri lanka... to film a tv commercial.
the product was a recently launched mosquito net.
seen here is the director, gurpal singh 'khyali'* , in a moment of surreal contemplation.* gurpal's full name is gurpal singh syali, a fact he often forgets, thanks to a childhood of denial. for full story contact gurpal.
* gurpal is also an expert cook and does fantastic renditions of that very tasty dish, khyali pulao