December 30, 2007

world population

i put a world population widget on my desktop and guess how many of us there are..?
6,672,826,335..6..7... 8... 9...

there is a disclaimer saying that the number is based on estimates only but still....

in the duration its taken me to type this post the number has gone up by 500 !


end 2007




December 8, 2007

mr. spandan banerjee & my day off

i'm shooting 6 days a week, the day off on saturday is really precious and mr. banerjee turned up on an early morning flight from delhi and rang my doorbell at 9 in the morning and luckily it was my day off so we smoked some early in the morning and it was the first time in the last 7 weeks that i actually had a completely relaxed, nicely unwindingly day off and he's looking a bit tired because he wakes up this early only a couple of times in a year.

December 1, 2007

diagonal dreams

reminded me of the phish song...
"when you're there, i sleep lengthwise and when you're gone
i sleep diagonal in my bed...."
A was away for a month casting for a film...