January 4, 2010

the mosque of jezzar pasha, akko

where a young man in a hoodie came in and called the most beautiful aazan i have ever heard in my entire life

January 2, 2010

akko / acre skyline

one of the oldest continuously inhabited sites in israel. read more about akko here

January 1, 2010

anas ahmad

ramallah in the west bank and jerusalem are 15 kms apart... around 20 mins by road (1 hour if you have to stop at the checkpoint). i met anas ahmad on the bus back from ramallah to jerusalem. he had a nikon D80 in his hands and commented on my excess baggage when i was the last one to get back on the bus after coming through the checkpoint. we got talking and he told me that he was visiting jerusalem after 9 years, the israeli authorities had finally given him a 1 day pass. so armed with his camera he was out to "enjoy it to the max". since we were both tourists then, we took pictures of each other when we reached jerusalem. he helped me get directions to the main bus stop, i proceeded to haifa and he, hopefully, had a good day in jerusalem.